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Henkel's Research@TheSalon testing facility conducts scientific studies in a salon setting to learn how well our products work on your hair. Henkel is committed to providing the consumer with products they will love and make them feel beautiful.


What is Research@TheSalon?

Our research facility is a sustainable test salon located in Darien, CT. We are a team of licensed, experienced hair stylists, scientists and innovators, here to create haircare and haircolor products!

Our stylists test various hair products daily, both existing and new. We welcome participants with a variety of hair types, as our research generates useful insights leading to an improved consumer experience. Excellence is our passion. 

Why Participate?

You don’t have to pay for professional haircolor services! As a participant in our ongoing program you will be able to maintain your hair color every 4-5 weeks as a complimentary service from our professional licensed cosmetologists. In addition to your maintenance service, our stylists will conduct their final evaluations of our hair products before they are launched to the consumer. It's that easy! 

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